Spray Tan

Organic Spray Tans

Single tan – $30 (15 Minutes)
10 tan package – Purchase 9 and get the tenth tan free – $270

What can I expect during my service?
A spray tan takes approximately 20 minutes. Your practitioner will answer any questions and then leave the room to let you disrobe. How much clothing you leave on is completely up to your comfort level. A lot of guests leave on underwear and go topless, leave on both bra and underwear, or go completely nude.

How long do I have to wait before taking a shower?
Wait 6-8 hours after your spray tan is applied before coming into contact with any water. We recommend at least 8 hours for the best results.

How do I prepare for my spray tan?
Exfoliation is key! Shower and exfoliate within 12 hours before your appointment. Exfoliating helps remove dry/dead skin cells to allow the tanning solution to fully absorb.

Avoid any and all oils and lotions before application. If there are products on your skin the solution has a more difficult time absorbing.

What do I wear?
Loose fitting pants and shirts are best. Dark colors are also recommended so the bronzer from the spray tan does not leave any residue on your clothing.

How long will my spray tan last?
With the proper maintenance, spray tans can last anywhere from 5-10 days.

Avoid aggressive exfoliating on the body and face, as this will shorten the longevity and quality of your tan.

Apply lotion after showing following your service. This is help your tan fade evenly.