Seasonal Services

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage

Our Himalayan Hot Stone Massage brings the soothing, healing, and relaxing warmth of salt crystal stones to soothe away stress and tension, and promote an increased sense of well-being. The stone’s natural salt properties gently exfoliate the skin to promote naturally smooth, silky skin, improving circulation and replenish parched winter skin.

Additional Himalayan Salt benefits include grounding properties that are known to improve sleep and balance to the central nervous system, relief for anxiety and insomnia, and support for a healthier respiratory system and lower blood pressure.

Fire and ice facial

Ignite your energy and resolve for the new year with our Fire and Ice Facial. This facial features a spicy exfoliation, cold globes, hot stone facial massage, cooling mask, high frequency and LED treatment. This winter energizer for your face uses fluctuating hot and cold to stimulate a hot-sauna then cool-plunge experience to flush the skin of toxins and brighten your complexion.

citrine n' salt pedicure

Relish in a Citrine Beach Milk Bath Soak while visions of palm trees dance in your head! You’ll think you’re dreaming, but perhaps you’ve found your own oasis. Or maybe it’s all those Bellinis talking. A succulent and citrusy rice bran oil scrub then envelopes you as you succumb to it’s juicy sweetness. To finish, a heavenly Rainbow Road Shea Butter cream massage not only moisturizes your skin but will leave you feeling like a citrine tropical queen.

Dew it pedicure

What’s softness got to dew, got to dew with it? Everything! We begin this spa treatment with all the nourishment when your feet are dipped into a coconut oil infused soak. You’re ready for a spirited buffing now as an organic vodka and sugar crystal scrub refines! End with a delicate sea butter to hydrate – soft notes of lemongrass and melon carry you away from this treatment supple to the touch.